12 Things you need to know about Chromium

1.Chromium OS is remarkable product from the Internet Giant ? GOOGLE.
2.Chromium OS Free, Simple, Secure and Fast and therefore would be worth to have in netbooks.

3.Chromium OS is primarily developed to work perfectly for netbook users.
4.Chromium OS would make the netbooks cheaper.
5.Chromium OS is open-source and its source code can be downloaded from ? http://dev.chromium.org/developers/how-tos/get-the-code .
6.Applications developed for Chromium OS can run on any other OS be it windows , linux, Mac. but the other way is not possible.
7.With development of HTML 5, Offline operating would be possible on Chromium os.
8.Chromium OS is another prime progress in cloud computing.
9.Chromium OS has google Chromium browser for web surfing.Other browsers like Firefox cannot be installed on Chromium OS
10.Chromium OS can never replace a Major OS like Windows and Mac in terms of Software application and other major use .
11.Chromium OS checks for its file integrity at every boot/startup and there by helping in seecure start up
12.Virus and such risks shall not arise in Chromium OS but much can not be said about this at this moment.
Official website for Chromium OS is ? http://www.chromium.org

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