Access Google documents from desktop

More people try to access software in the web than traditional desktop because of it reliability. Google documents is one such service to access office application and share the documents, embed on website, etc. As there are changes/updates often , it is little time consuming to check the documents. Here is cool way to open documents from desktop.

To access documents from your desktop, follow these steps.

  • Go the document in Google docs and copy the url of the document.

Google documents shortcut 1

  • In order to view the documents without signing in Google account, you need to change Document sharing settings and use “Anyone with the link” settings

Google documents shortcut 2

change sharing options

change docs sharing option

You can also Uncheck “Allow anyone to edit” box for security concern and click Save button.

  • Now Create a New shortcut on your computer and paste the URL  in Location box .

Google documents shortcut 4

Enter a Name for the Shortcut and Click Finish.

So hereafter you can read the documents with One mouse click !

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