Allow specific domain in Joomla user registration


This article will show you  how to allow user registration from particular domain – such as , in Joomla. If you want to restrict/ban particular domain, you can install Restricted Registration extension. You need to have FTP/CPanel access to make changes in Joomla core files and it is always a good practice to back up database .

The Email validation in Joomla is handled by a JavaScript file  validate.js – full path is root/media/system/js/validate.js 

  • Download this validate.js file .
  • Open it with web development/Text editing software. Avoid using notepad because it doesn’t parse the code well while saving. I am using Dreamweaver.
  • Go to Line number 53


validate email code joomla

This is a Regular Expression. If you are a computer science Engg., you might know it or else read it here :

  •  Change the second and third part of the regular expression according to your needs. (i.e) domain and TLD.

change email

  • Now save the file and upload it to media/system/js/
Any user who gives email address other than will not be allowed to register. It will show warning.
email registration
Update (17th Jan, 2013):

I got few emails enquiring for .EDU TLD (Educational content).  The syntax is




I also found that the original syntax I prescribed in the image works but is semantically incorrect. The number 2,4 inside flower braces (i.e) [org]{2,4} means the minimum number of characters in TLD is 2 and maximum characters is 4.

change email


Since we had specifically mentioned ORG, there is no need to add character size limit in the regular expression. Not necessary !!!


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