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AutoBlog System X is one of the Top Clickbank products to achieve 1000 gravity in 2 days. The ebook is a product of Rob Benwell’s (Blogging to the Bank) . I was actually amazed to see it . I bought this book few days ago and i would happily recommend to others.

If you wanted to know why you should buy ? here are some words about it …

  • Auto Blogging is becoming popular . With little investment for domain , hosting and setting up the system , you can start earning 4 digit income every month from multiple site .
  • The book includes what the things needed for effective autoblogging coaching . From Customizing your wordpress  to Monetizing your website
  • 8 Rules that you need to follow in Auto Blogging (HOT)
  • For those who wanted to Earn money than wasting time for getting CENTS every month.
  • Finally , This book is only 37$ . There are over hundred products that promises you to make money but only the seller would get the money when you buy the products.  some may even have recurring price every month.

A video from the Author .

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Autoblog system X

Autoblog system X

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Get a copy now – AutoBlogSystemX

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  1. I agree with the folks saying it’s a lazy man’s way to make money online but I think that if the autoblogging plugin or whatever they use is a good one, there’s chances one could make easy money with only spending for domain/hosting and some time to set up WordPress.

    Truth is I’ve seen a bunch of sites using autoblogging plugins that were pure crap, some of them didn’t even had a link to the original content which is unacceptable. I believe most of them aren?t making anything worth mentioning.
    I?ve also seen quite a few sites that looked pretty good and, judging by their Alexa rank, they do have traffic, therefore sales. It all sums up to how you use autoblogging I think, if you do your homework pick the best keywords (that are searched for but there?s a lack in promotion), one could make a great income off of it.

    I?m not a lazy man and I do have my own written blogs, actually quite a few, but I was lately thinking about setting some autoblogging sites see how?s it working.

    Most of the successful blogs I saw were using Multipress Lite which is FREE so I think I?m going to use it on this project. At first glance, looks like it takes its content from Yahoo Answers, Flikr and some article directories so it should be good to use. It also creates a link to the original content so there shouldn?t be any issues with people getting angry for their content being used elsewhere.

    I?ll let you know how it works out if I have the time to get it started.


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