Beware of “Create your own facebook mail” scam

There are many messages that are spread across Facebook about creating your own Facebook email [ ] . You could have come across these feed if your friend had accepted the application.

Few screenshots:


If anyone clicks on the link, they will be redirected to this page.

facebook-own-emailIf you allow the access to the application “Make your Email” , you will requested to complete a survey to get an email account.


The myth behind this is, whenever people complete the survey, the scammer earns bunch of money. Some survey installs malware and spyware in your computer. The Facebook application also feeds data to your wall making other people vulnerable.

If you have accepted the application to access your data, you should remove the application from your account.

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  1. Yeah Shiva, I have ever covered this information on my blog and after one day, all of my friends responded that this was scam for sure.

    I have to edit my article and apologize my readers too.


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