Our ‘Save Our Hacker’ experience – One of the Chennai’s best Hackathon event

I went to ‘Save the Hacker’ (2nd edition) last week and had a great experience. My partner-in-crime (Gokul a.k.a Taka) shared the experience and would like to share it with you all.

Using Microsoft Mail Service(Outlook) for your domain

Since Google has ditched the freemium version of Google App Mail service, you can start integrating Microsoft Outlook Email service with your domain and setup an account such as abc@yourdomain.com. Outlook looks and feels familiar to Windows 8 Mail app and it’s cool

[How to] Convert Page to Post in WordPress

There may be situation when you need to change a page content to post. I had published few review articles on page  because I wanted to link those article from Menu. Earlier versions of WordPress didn’t have ability to have custom link. WordPress 3.0+ brought the functionality to life. 

Allow specific domain in Joomla user registration

  This article will show you  how to allow user registration from particular domain – such as ieee.org , in Joomla. If you want to restrict/ban particular domain, you can install Restricted Registration extension. You need to have FTP/CPanel access to make changes in Joomla core files and it is always a good practice to […]

Bloggers guide | Mask affiliate bit.ly URL with your domain url

One of the main income source for blogger is from affiliate marketing. In order to analyze and track the number of click, people use plugins such as Max Ninja affiliate , Quick Redirect . Besides many had been using bit.ly because you have extended analytics such as location , referrers etc.  So here is a […]

How to get custom facebook fanpage for your website/business

This post is about how to great a custom Facebook for your website or business such as www.facebook.com/Google . Every business , big or small firms wants to reach out to its customers and expand their revenue by serving better.  In today’s world, you can see many leading brands have landed to Social networking sites […]

[updated] Black friday deals

The fourth friday of every November is celebrated as <strong>Thanksgiving day</strong> across US and other countries. The shoppers have the best deals for saving up to 90% of the normal price. I like to give out some of the best super saving offers which I crawled around the Internet. <!–more–><a href=”http://hiswat.info/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/shopping.jpg”><img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-1192″ title=”shopping” […]

Grab 2 years of Justhost Premium hosting for cheap

Justhost is one of best web host I always recommend. It is not only as reliable as Hostgator but also have BIG advantage over Hostgator. They have higher CPU usage limits and does not suspend your account. This is welcoming note for many webmasters. They don’t like their potential customers to see “This website account […]

Save big with Namecheap domain coupons

Few days back, Godaddy released September coupons for registering new domains for $0.99. This promo offer ended soon as the offer was restricted to first 10,000 domain registration and domain transfer. Currently my favorite NameCheap has released a coupon for this month  !