Youtube Channel crosses half a million views

I started publishing videos on my YouTube Channel +SivaGanesh as a fun hobby. The premise is to share a solution to tech-related issues under 2 minutes.

Buying AppleCare Warranty from US for your Indian Macbook Air/Pro

Short Version : Yes. It works (based on my experience). You can buy it from or B&H and extend Macbook Air/Pro’s Warranty  :) I purchased Macbook Air(MBA) 13.3″ from Imagine Store last September. Since the warranty was about to expire in few days, I was confused whether to extend the Warranty or not. I normally don’t buy Warranty or Insurance for products such […]

Facebook Story – Noah Kogan

If you are interested in knowing ‘How Facebook was, when it was in early stage”, check out Noah Kogan’s ebook.

[Video] From Zero to Superhero – Dreams by Darren Rowse

An interesting talk by a ProBlogger – Darren Rowse about following your Dreams.

My YouTube Channel Promo Video

I have been creating video tutorial in my YouTube Channel with the philosophy of 

Biggest lessons as a Startup founder

To break the silence (of this blog), I’m writing this article ;) One of my followers from quora requested me to answer “What is your biggest lessons as a Startup founder”? After working for Trentz Interactive for 18 months, here are the lessons I learnt.

[Youtube updates] GPA Sheet Promo, Change default folder view and more

In the last few days, I have been active in uploading new video tutorials on YouTube. Check them out.

Protect WordPress from Botnet Brute Force attack

Popular blogging platform WordPress is facing a huge brute force attack and cracking Administrator credentials.  According to, The unknown people behind the highly distributed attack are using more than 90,000 IP addresses to brute-force crack administrative credentials of vulnerable WordPress systems, researchers from at least three Web hosting services reported. This attack is largely targeted on WordPress blogs with […]

Re-enter blogging

There is always a bad time. You can see this in business, blogging and even studies. When it comes to blog, you can feel like quitting and sell it. Here are few tips to Movies and real world: Try to forget the blog for the moment. You could certainly feel that you are relieved for […]

Hello world, again

I had been thinking to update this blog for few weeks(may be Months) and finally decided to pen down.  I will try to write daily covering on categories such as Technology, Start ups,  Blogging , vBulletin forum misc and whatever I feel. This is my blog :p