[How To] Set New Ringtone in Moto E, G, X or any Android Phone

A Short Tutorial on Setting a new ringtone in Moto E / G / X or other Android Phone. Screencast from my Android Phone ;-)

[Youtube updates] GPA Sheet Promo, Change default folder view and more

In the last few days, I have been active in uploading new video tutorials on YouTube. Check them out.

Using Microsoft Mail Service(Outlook) for your domain

Since Google has ditched the freemium version of Google App Mail service, you can start integrating Microsoft Outlook Email service with your domain and setup an account such as abc@yourdomain.com. Outlook looks and feels familiar to Windows 8 Mail app and it’s cool

How to cancel monthly subscription/membership in Plimus

  Plimus is an online payment processing gateway for selling digital goods. The main difference from PayPal is that in Plimus you cannot have any account balance. It is used only to pay and accepts Visa, MasterCard, Verified by Visa, Maestro and even PayPal. To learn more : http://home.plimus.com/ecommerce/

Hide unwanted contacts/circles from Google Talk

  Three days ago, Google Talks started showing many people in my chat lists who I haven’t even known. I got irritated to hide one by one. Because new people started to appear again in the list. This may be the effect of Google Plus. Usually I add unknown people to a separate circle . […]

Facebook adds security measure for users

Facebook has recently added few steps for security purpose. This allows you to recover your account if your profile has been hacked. You need to update your account with information such as

[How to]Protect yourself | Remove uncessary application in facebook

This is a short tutorial on how to remove or block access spam applications on Facebook. Some sneaking application such as “Get your own @Facebook mail app” can make you vulnerable. So you need to get rid of them and keep them at bay !

Bloggers guide | Mask affiliate bit.ly URL with your domain url

One of the main income source for blogger is from affiliate marketing. In order to analyze and track the number of click, people use plugins such as Max Ninja affiliate , Quick Redirect . Besides many had been using bit.ly because you have extended analytics such as location , referrers etc.  So here is a […]

How to get custom facebook fanpage for your website/business

This post is about how to great a custom Facebook for your website or business such as www.facebook.com/Google . Every business , big or small firms wants to reach out to its customers and expand their revenue by serving better.  In today’s world, you can see many leading brands have landed to Social networking sites […]

Megavideo Hack | Watch videos without Limitation

Many of my friends had been asking , how to watch Megavideo by bypassing time limitation. Although I don’t use Megavideo for years, I am sharing for my friends and beloved followers. The first method is a traditional way.