Google Monopoly visualized

Google monopoly is always a HOT topic to be discussed. with over 80 acquisitions, the company is  growing. People has refined the language in saying Just Google it instead of Search it. Let us have look at some facts visually.

[IG] – A battle between two World

Google and facebook are two big Internet portal. The site which Googlers may worry is Facebook. Because it has the more page views and people try to spend more time in Facebook . That makes them so powerful. Here is a short Infographics story about the growth of  two companies.

[IG] How to Infographics

This cool post is about how to spice up people to share the Infographics and help you to get powerful backlinks for Search Engine .

[IG] About Net neutrality

This infographics is a cool facts about Net Neutrality. I heard that the Net Neutrality has been dismissed due to many petitions [Not sure :( ] Nevermind , just google it !

Google's failure in the success

Google is one of the growing Technology industry in the current decade. I always would say , Google WAS just a Search Engine. Now a days , it is one of the Hi-Tech launching and powering many innovations . Here is some of the failure the Company had faced.

[IG] Internet info & what people do with it ?

This is cool inforgraphics about Internet  . It shows the stat about How much data size of information ( a rough estimation ) available in the Internet, what people do in the Internet  and other statistics. A cool information to know .