Hide unwanted contacts/circles from Google Talk

  Three days ago, Google Talks started showing many people in my chat lists who I haven’t even known. I got irritated to hide one by one. Because new people started to appear again in the list. This may be the effect of Google Plus. Usually I add unknown people to a separate circle . […]

[How to]Protect yourself | Remove uncessary application in facebook

This is a short tutorial on how to remove or block access spam applications on Facebook. Some sneaking application such as “Get your own @Facebook mail app” can make you vulnerable. So you need to get rid of them and keep them at bay !

Beware of “Create your own facebook mail” scam

There are many messages that are spread across Facebook about creating your own Facebook email [yourname@facebook.com ] . You could have come across these feed if your friend had accepted the application.

Make people accept you" in facebook

This is a case study which took some months to conclude some information about people attitude. In Today era , people stay in the home & know what all the things that happen around the world and social networking has become one of the people way to stay connected. Most of the relation start here […]

Opting out from Google ads Interest

Whenever you surf the web, Google collects your information. Analytics and Adsense are the one which collects as much as data. With these information , they intend to provide a better way to serve to their business partners and potential advertisers.