Protect WordPress from Botnet Brute Force attack

Popular blogging platform WordPress is facing a huge brute force attack and cracking Administrator credentials.  According to, The unknown people behind the highly distributed attack are using more than 90,000 IP addresses to brute-force crack administrative credentials of vulnerable WordPress systems, researchers from at least three Web hosting services reported. This attack is largely targeted on WordPress blogs with […]

Facebook adds security measure for users

Facebook has recently added few steps for security purpose. This allows you to recover your account if your profile has been hacked. You need to update your account with information such as

Change your default router settings

There are over millions users across the world using ADSL/DSL routers for connecting to the Internet. Although having powerful Internet security software such as Kaspersky, AVG 2011 can protect you, there are few simple ways to hackers can manage your Router settings, gain access and change the internal settings. This is strictly for protecting yourself […]

[How to]Protect yourself | Remove uncessary application in facebook

This is a short tutorial on how to remove or block access spam applications on Facebook. Some sneaking application such as “Get your own @Facebook mail app” can make you vulnerable. So you need to get rid of them and keep them at bay !

Beware of “Create your own facebook mail” scam

There are many messages that are spread across Facebook about creating your own Facebook email [ ] . You could have come across these feed if your friend had accepted the application.

Facebook's new security – One Time password

People are always interested in getting into others work, things, secrets, password and do all type of explorations. Your girl friends list, most visited sites, recent music, chat history etc. Even your friend will be interested in taking your facebook account down and tracking it ? won’t he ? So what about Hackers ?

Track your emails for free ! SpyPig

Waiting for email reply is really a big head-ache. Especially when you sent an email to Job companies, to your friends, etc. EmailOracle is a latest plugin that can be used with Gmail and Google App mail to track email . This is an awesome Plugin. Yet there is another service that I have been […]

McAfee new URL shortener

A day ago, Google launched the url shortener service for users. The one simple word i could say is it is awesome :) Today  i will share one of the other shortener service from popular security company – McAfee.

CA AntiVirus : Get protected for 1 cent

Security concern is one of the major agenda the world is facing . Even few days back, many High Tech groups including NASA web servers , Agencies across US had been affected by “Here you have” worm . You need to have powerful Anti Virus and Internet security tool with the latest update definition to […]

Byethost Plugin/theme update and Installation problem

One of the famous Free hosting sites is Byethost . I started using this host for my another blog  after many reviews in forums like DP.  One of the problem many users face is unable to install Plugin or update through WordPress Dashboard. Even after entering the correct FTP account details , you may get […]