Facebook Story – Noah Kogan

If you are interested in knowing ‘How Facebook was, when it was in early stage”, check out Noah Kogan’s ebook.

Using Facebook Sign up for your website or forum

In today’s world, Facebook is another identity for us besides Driving license , Voter ID (or SSN). Many websites, startups and forums started integrating their registration process with Facebook for the ease of the users. I had been using the Facebook integration for my vbulletin forum for the past six months and here is my […]

Hide unwanted contacts/circles from Google Talk

  Three days ago, Google Talks started showing many people in my chat lists who I haven’t even known. I got irritated to hide one by one. Because new people started to appear again in the list. This may be the effect of Google Plus. Usually I add unknown people to a separate circle . […]

Facebook adds security measure for users

Facebook has recently added few steps for security purpose. This allows you to recover your account if your profile has been hacked. You need to update your account with information such as

[How to]Protect yourself | Remove uncessary application in facebook

This is a short tutorial on how to remove or block access spam applications on Facebook. Some sneaking application such as “Get your own @Facebook mail app” can make you vulnerable. So you need to get rid of them and keep them at bay !

Beware of “Create your own facebook mail” scam

There are many messages that are spread across Facebook about creating your own Facebook email [yourname@facebook.com ] . You could have come across these feed if your friend had accepted the application.

How to get custom facebook fanpage for your website/business

This post is about how to great a custom Facebook for your website or business such as www.facebook.com/Google . Every business , big or small firms wants to reach out to its customers and expand their revenue by serving better.  In today’s world, you can see many leading brands have landed to Social networking sites […]

Get connected to Facebook through your mobile for free ~ without GPRS

Need any intro to Facebook or socializing ? No right !! :P Today I am going to give how to update your status , reply for messages , wall post directly from your mobile through SMS.  The only requirement is that you need to have Free National SMS.

Facebook's new security – One Time password

People are always interested in getting into others work, things, secrets, password and do all type of explorations. Your girl friends list, most visited sites, recent music, chat history etc. Even your friend will be interested in taking your facebook account down and tracking it ? won’t he ? So what about Hackers ?

[IG] – A battle between two World

Google and facebook are two big Internet portal. The site which Googlers may worry is Facebook. Because it has the more page views and people try to spend more time in Facebook . That makes them so powerful. Here is a short Infographics story about the growth of  two companies.