3 Chrome extension you should try

If you are a regular follower of this blog, you should have seen many post encouraging Mozilla Firefox. But I had to use Chrome instead of Firefox to test out many experiments because of the following reasons

iCare Data recovery software for free – Christmas giveaway special

There can be a situation where you have lost data accidentally. Either due to data corruption or disk failure. You could lose valuable data such as personal photos, office files . One of the best solution is to use data recovery software.

know everything about your PC/laptop using Speccy

Today computer finds its use in every field. Most of them use it but there are people who are unaware of their own system configuration. Speccy is an awesome free tool for these non – geekers to know completely about their PC/laptop. It is one of the product  from Piriform . You may also have […]

CA AntiVirus : Get protected for 1 cent

Security concern is one of the major agenda the world is facing . Even few days back, many High Tech groups including NASA web servers , Agencies across US had been affected by “Here you have” worm . You need to have powerful Anti Virus and Internet security tool with the latest update definition to […]

Byethost Plugin/theme update and Installation problem

One of the famous Free hosting sites is Byethost . I started using this host for my another blog  after many reviews in forums like DP.  One of the problem many users face is unable to install Plugin or update through WordPress Dashboard. Even after entering the correct FTP account details , you may get […]

Upload documents to google docs from Desktop

Now-a-days we share files across the internet . The major problem with this is many files that are sent over the internet are vulnerable and are moved to spam . Moreover people may use different version like doc and docx or some time different software to create documents. If you looking to upload document like […]

Disable URL suggestions in firefox

Many people use Mozilla Firefox than Google Chrome because we simply love FireFox than Google ( Remember I din say Chrome ) . One of the trouble some users face is that we could see a list of URL links (suggestion ) in the Address Bar from Bookmark List , RSS feeds that you recently […]

Get Free OS CDs to your Home

Having Pirated Operating System? You will be deprived of Updates , Some Software Installation ? But there is a Free Operating System based on GUI and KDE environment.