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Making the Post being architected is one of key ways to rank well in the Search Engine. Many bloggers forget to use keyword in the Permalink . The default permalink is .Some may change to keyword with Month and year included in the permalink which is not necessary for SEO .

A Typical highly ranking SEO Permalinks are

If you are already using WordPress CMS and unaware with these Trick , here is way to migrate from old permalinks to new customized one using 301 redirection .* 301 redirection means telling the Search Engine that the particular link is permanently redirected .Let’s start .

  • After installing , go to Settings —> Permalinks and copy the old Permalink structure.
  • Then go to Settings —>PermalinksMigration, paste it in “Old Permalink Structure::”and click Update button.

old Permalinks

  • Again go back to Settings —> Permalinks and use

/%postname%/ (or)  /%postname%.html  (or) /%category%/%postname%/

These links ranks well in Search results.

To know more about using other Permalinks , visit :

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