Create folder named CON,AUX etc

Many of you have known that you can’t create a folder with the name ‘CON’ . Many emails, SMS , blogs , Talkies etc would have raised this issue. but many forgets to get an answer. Here is why ?

First of you have to know, not only the folder name CON cannot be created but also other names like AUX, CLOCK$, NUL, COM0 etc.

The reason behind this mystery is that these words are Reserved Words in DOS . The list of words with their functionality is shown below:

Windows Reserved Keywords

If you are still looking to create a folder name containing these reserved words , you can do . But it is recommended not to use this trick in Windows installed Drive partition . In such case of creating the folder in windows partition may result in OS unstable and desired fatal errors corresponding to the keyword functionality .

  • For creating a folder , Open Command Prompt , type ?MD \\.\Partition:\CON? (without quotes) .Replace the word Partition with non-windows running drive. That’s it.
  • Even if you try to delete the CON folder by normal way (DEL Key or others) , you can’t do it. To delete it, you have to again use Command prompt and type “RD \\.\Partition:\CON?

MD , RD corresponds to ancestor’s way of Making Directory , Removing Directory. Also try using mkdir and rmdir instead of MD and RD :)

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