Disable Plugin-container.exe in Firefox

Few days ago, i wrote a post about Firefox’s Plugin-container.exe which gets crashed often when you have opened many videos in Plugin. It also increase RAM usage. More info on “Plugin-container.exe ” If you like to get out of it , you can simply change this settings.


  • Go to the address bar and type “about:config” and click the “I’ll be careful , I promise !” button
  • Enter “dom.ipc” in the filter box and change the first four Preference by right clicking and selecting Toggle option. (i.e) keep dom.ipc.plugins.enabled and dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.nptest.dll as True.
  • Restart the Firefox and start watching videos .

You can also see the decrease in the Process Memory for Firefox :)

No crash and No hassles !

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  1. i never faced problem like video crash… but will change the settings as prevention is better than cure….

    • Open three or more videos and check back again after some time, it may occur. Anyway if you face this problem , try these steps :)


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