Does .info TLD ranks high in Search Engine ?

Many people wonder whether .info domain can have the same priority like .com or other TLDs. I had been observing the  Search Engine pattern and found an interesting analysis that i like to share.

MattCutts in Google I/O SEO expert video explicitly said we take all TLD the same importance.

Relatively this was false statement. Every .info domain that is added to the Google database have less Search Engine Rank Position (SERP)  compared to other Top Level domains (TLD) . Because Godaddy and many other vendors sells .info domains from 99cents and thereby , there are millions of domain raised in the last few years in this TLD. This has also made many spammers to take the position in Web and in the Search Engine.

I  tested with two new domains – .info and .com , uploaded a sample Home page and had a link building strategy for .info while i didn’t work for COM domain. After a month , when i analyzed for the Search Queries, i found .com domain ranked in the Top 3 Position on the low competition Keyword while .info did not appear in the 1st or 2nd page. It took more than 6 months to be captured well SE for info and then after to have same priority.

Simple Algorithm that Googlers may have defined in the Search Engine pattern would be

  • Quality of post
  • Number of post
  • Registered and has been active( content updates) for more than 6 months.
  • Trusted(Quality) backlinks

Unless these criteria are satisfied , .info domains are worthless .


As some people misunderstand  , the bottom line of this was .info is worth in SE but you need to do much work than .com domains .

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  1. Yep, they are useless, but you can still get some awesome names out of them, for example,,, the info part can be useful for specific websites.

  2. I totally agree with you. I have a one year old .info domain and its never ranks well on search engine but I recently bought a .com domain and to my surprise, I am already getting visitors from search engine and this new blog is only 2 months old.

  3. I do not think this is a valid test if you used the same landing page on both domains – the info domain got penalized for duplicate content, I have noticed that when you have several domains and all point to the same place, the .com site usually -but not always- gets preference (i.e, apparently it’s the others that get penalized). Perhaps it depends on which site is indexed first.

    Even if this is not true, the sampling is insufficient – one single test does not prove or disprove anything.

    I own info, biz and org sites because I did not get the .com, and quite a few rank #1, beating the hell out of the .com sites, so I do not think .info are worse than .com sites as far as search engines are concerned….

    • First of no duplicate content, more over there were few others parameters taken into account [other than the mentioned ]
      btw, your website design and content is superb !

  4. Hi, Siva, thanks for the compliment. Glad you liked it.

    Even if you did not use duplicate content, I do not think that .info sites are penalized by Google (mine are not), and one single test is insufficient to come to a conclusion.

  5. Then why you are not using a .com domain for this blog..What if i register a .info for 5 or 10 years.generally .info priced almost 1$ for first year but after that its same as .com

    • That’s because i had some reasons to go with. I started without any intention to earn . Thought to have only a web presence in the beginning. Although price was one of the reason too !
      I also registered few months before , to prevent others to register ! I am still using this TLD because this is 1 year old domain and would use for other purpose in coming future.

  6. I was considering buying .info domains for my web sites but, your test forces me not to spend my money in vain. Thank you.


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