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Courtesy : victorywebproductions.comToday most of us are having website or at least free blog service like blogger , wordpress , webs etc. Every day there are thousands of domain name registered for both personal use and business organization . Over 116 449 663 domains in popular TLD alone has been Registered. Few months ago, a visitor left a comment in my facebook status , that “You are an Engineering student and you do have a domain with lots of content . That’s great. ……” I simply replied this is a century where information move without boundaries and if you look forward after 5 to 10 year, you will see most of the people in the world having  their own individual domains just like you having email today! ” This is about some guide to the newbies who aims to register a domain and maintain it.

Lets start discussing with the domain name first:

  • If you are starting a website for your business , choose .com as your TLD. This creates a professional feel to your customers . you simply say visit google and people go to  . That’s how it is powerful and popular TLD. However most the keyword oriented domain are registered , mostly parked and are available in website like flippa ,sedo to sell it for huge amount . If you are really interested getting it, go for it even though it cost your dozen of US Bills.  If you have no choice for going the .com domain, then go for .net , .org, .biz , .in (respective country where you are serving) etc.
  • Use keyword in your domain. If you are looking for creating any niche related website , try to use the same niche in the domain name , eg. A typical real estate website may be like this too, The domain contains the word Realestate .  Why is this? Generally website Search engine , try to show relevant content . Most of the Search Engine, try to have “domain names” as one of the Key factor for the search result in their Algorithm. With some content in your website and a very little SEO you be No.1 in Search Engine Rank Position(SERP) for the “Real Estate in Delhi” query.
  • This means you can get around free 10,000 organic visits without any advertisement or promotions.
  • If you want to use a custom domain name , then  go ahead . Rent a SEO experts who can improve your position in Ranking . You can also learn SEO but it will take much time. There are many good SEO gurus out in the market . Try to choose a genuine person. Please do remember , some SEO use Black hat method which may lead to a Ban to your website.
  • Use Privacy Protect for your domain. This is to avoid spam and use the whois information wrongly. This is known to many but another thing you need to know is some TLDs like .us, .eu, .in , .uk etc don’t allow Privacy protection.
  • If you going to run  website involving Online Transaction , you need to register some other general TLDs like .net, .org because many hackers can register these domain and  scam .

Lets move down to Hosting:

  • Hosting a place to store content , files, information on your the Internet. There are many Secure Hosting site like godaddy, theplanet, hosting,hostgater etc. These provide 99.9% uptime
  • There are small package for everyone at cheap rates. If you are choosing that, try to select a hosting company that have 99.9% uptime and daily backups.
  • Hosting Plan: For simple niche website , you can go for Unlimited Bandwidth and storage  in Shared Hosting site like DreamHost, HostGator etc. for about 5$/month There are about thousand reliable hosting which  provide 99.9% uptime. In this world, you need to know nothing is unlimited . Though they say unlimited Bandwidth, they have some limit in Server usage that it can handle. Failing which will suspend your hosting .In that case, you can use Virtual Private Server(VPS) . These helps to host your website in a Individual server.
  • The perfect Hosting for the business people is using a Hybrid Hosting. This is the  Greatest technology that is available today. This use Cloud hosting with other secure features. This is flexible for any Business . Many Top websites like Google, Facebook use these technology .

Security Essentials for your website:

  • Over 200 websites daily are attacked via DDoS . This makes your website offline. So have to protect your website from these attack .
  • Use SSL (HTTPS) Certificate for online transaction . These ensures your customers to have Trust on business dealings and protecting their information from wrong hands.
  • Take backups daily in a local disk or in a server. This helps to recover data in case of  any crash or Server attacks.
  • If you are using Content Management System(CMS) like wordpress, Joomla, etc, then try to have updated version. Otherwise it may lead to serious Security flaw.

These are some basic guidelines that you need to know before establishing a website.

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