Facebook Vs Google

Well every one know Google is the World No.1 most visited website but still it is Jealous of the Social Networking site like Facebook . Many experiments and surveys were to taken and then found that people stay longer on Facebook than Google. Beginning of this year , facebook topped the most visited website in US.

A sample comparison of both the site. we will take sample data from Alexa. Although i won’t recommend it. Many webmaster and website owner claim they the worse data collection accuracy.  For now, we will take it. If we compare the Google and Facebook , generally people stay more than 30 minutes daily in the social networking site while in Google, they stay from 10 to 12 mins. Google has been working on many projects to make the people swing around them ,Google launched Orkut which tried to gain users. later in this year, they launched Google Buzz , but they haven’t successful.

However Google acquired website Youtube stands a great change to beat Facebook. YouTube has more than 20 mins and serves  2 billion videos everyday.  May be more upcoming features like Voice, TV can make them more powerful .. What do you think ?

?Comments and reviews are the vital elements in Web 2.0 , so pls do :)  ?

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  1. eventhough facebook grow like crazy they can’t beat google,,, i daily search more than 100 times in google,,, google always rockzz,,


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