Facebook's new security – One Time password

People are always interested in getting into others work, things, secrets, password and do all type of explorations. Your girl friends list, most visited sites, recent music, chat history etc. Even your friend will be interested in taking your facebook account down and tracking it ? won’t he ? So what about Hackers ?

Facebook has added a layer of protection in signing into your account . The added protection is  One Time Password. To use this feature, you need to add Mobile Phone device in your account – Account —> Account Settings —> Mobile Tab —> My Phone section. So if you are going to internet cafe, you can send a message “OTP” to “32665”. You will get a reply message as

Your facebook one time password is “SECRET#UNIQUE“.

So you can now login to the account using this temporary password without revealing the real password. Moreover this password destroys after 20 Minutes. So after that you or others can’t use it.

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The One Time Password is a reliable way to use your account in public places such as Internet cafe, Insecure(weak protection) WiFi location such as airports, from your friends PC etc.   Remember currently this works on US account and is in testing mode.

I haven’t tested yet, because I am from India. I have few question. whether users can change password while they logged in using this temporary password ? There are few cases where your friends can take your mobile and send a SMS, log in with OTM and change password.

P.S:  I do always trust on Friends. But they play a lot with us hijacking things ! :P

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