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Two weeks ago, Rapidshare made a serious change in their system and moved from RapidPoints to Rapids[Link] Today when i went to Rapidshare homepage , i saw Create Free Premium account . It’s free to create Premium accounts. However if you want use add traffic and Storage, you need to buy them or transfer Rapids from others. Also all the collector account was upgraded to Premium account. If any of your friends have Rapids, you can tell them to transfer Rapids to your account and you can use it.

To do so , log in to your Premium account , Click send Rapids button, enter the Rapids amount[eg. 99Rapids for 30days with 10GB storage and 30GB Traffic] and enter the Public ID of the receiver . You can also add Messages [optional].

Rapidshare rapids

A Public ID is a 32 digit unique with combination of Alphabets and numbers . To see your Public ID , you can click Send Rapids Button and view it [see the above screenshot]

Conclusion : This option has made users to use Rapidshare with ease. However it will also make  the sellers who has got many Rapids(like me) to sell Rapids and earn .

Update: Looking for an alternative for RapidShare Free users ? Check this post

Want to earn money and buy genuine Rapids ? Click here :

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