Get connected to Facebook through your mobile for free ~ without GPRS

Need any intro to Facebook or socializing ? No right !! :P

Today I am going to give how to update your status , reply for messages , wall post directly from your mobile through SMS.  The only requirement is that you need to have Free National SMS.


I have Airtel(Chennai, India) Prepaid connection,  I use Rs 119 Booster[ External linkAirtel 119 Combo Booster ] and I would recommend to go for it or other National SMS plan ( If you are interested ). For other countries , I think you can get plans to send free SMS service.

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To get started, you need to configure few settings in your Facebook account. Here is a screenshot of the sample settings.

facebook mobile settings

1. Add your mobile number to your account by visiting the link and verify by entering the confirmation code sent to your mobile.

2. Choose Text ON.

** If you need to receive message only from your current friends, you can enable it.

3. Set the time, you wish to get the SMS when there is a new Notification. If can use Anytime, so you can get notification instantly on your mobile.

4. Select the number of SMS , you like to receive in How many texts should be sent ? If you have many friends often pinging , you restrict to 5 or 10.

5. Select the phone to which you need to receive notification. You can use this option if there are more than one mobile number added to your account.

Now click the big Save Preference Button.

You can try further customization by visiting the link :

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I am pretty happy by reply through SMS gateway than visiting , log in, visit the notification page and then replying. So what about you ?

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