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Yesterday I was amazed when I got a letter(mail) from Google . In front of the letter, it was displayed that get Rs 1,500 free Advertisement clicks. I was surprised, won’t you ? :P I opened the letter and found , there was Adword coupon worth Rs.1500 .

I never used Google Adword , i remember i signed up for Google Adword a long time before and i left without activating it. There is a activation fees of 5$ and i always use paypal for purchases. If any one needs the coupon code, you can contact me for some little price through PayPal. Remember you need to be a new customer , not older than 14 days and read other Terms and condition . You can post a comment , so that i can contact you through email.

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  1. oh wow , 1500 rs of coupon can give you hundreds of clicks to your site and the best part is that its ” targeted traffic “


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