Google DNS-Is it worth?

Welcome you all to my website, Some months ago , Google introduced Google Public DNS , by using a reliable DNS , you can load website little faster . Basically DNS(Domain Name System) is for resolving a domain name into its associated IP address and loading the content. Some of the key features to be noted for configuring a DNS is

*  should not interrupt(censor) domain name

*  Avoiding DNS query reject

* Faster browser experience

* Preventing DNS false caching which can be used by hackers to redirect to a phishing webpage. etc

The thing is, i had thought to configure DNS to my machine and tried to run DNS test from two popular softwares.

Google Namebench –

GRC’s DNS BenchMark:

I loaded the Google NameBench  test  and i was astonished . It showed me that by using Google Public DNS – Preferred DNS : and Alternate DNS:, the internet will load 151% faster than my current Primary DNS.  I also tried to test with DNS BenchMark and i found the similar result with it.

Please do comment  if you were aware Google Public DNS , whether you are currently using Google DNS and is it faster than the previous one.

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