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A month ago, i wrote a post about Google DNS , but from Today onward i am going to stop using it. Because of Privacy concern. I always worried about Privacy concern, even i don’t search in google while i am signed in gmail account. Google stores all these information for serving the users better( who knows ? ) and similarly is with Google DNS. They can check what all website visited from particular IP and can associate the gmail account with it.  According to the Google DNS Privacy , it stores two form of information ,Temporarily and Permanent data .

Here are the details,

Temporary information that Google stores for 24 to 48 hours,

Google Public DNS stores two sets of logs: temporary and permanent. The temporary logs store the full IP address of the machine you’re using. We have to do this so that we can spot potentially bad things like DDoS attacks and so we can fix problems, such as particular domains not showing up for specific users.

Permanent information,

In the permanent logs, we don’t keep personally identifiable information or IP information. We do keep some location information (at the city/metro level) so that we can conduct debugging, analyze abuse phenomena and improve the Google Public DNS prefetching feature. After keeping this data for two weeks, we randomly sample a small subset for permanent storage.

Why am i not continuing ?

*  The privacy concerned was aware to me by  HungryBeast video which was aired long ago .

* Google storing search data in accounts. Also there was rumors that these information are accessible by FBI and other intelligent Agents.

* Some days back, there was a news that Google was gathering data via Street view that made me think bad. Although they apologized and removed the data. Every process is thoroughly checked by many Technicians before it is announced .

* I attended a meeting by Ankit Fadia,One of the World Young and great Ethical Hacker. He told anyone in Google can view your complete details, your name, education , interest, your daily watched website etc.

* The Google 100 Gbps Internet service. Imagine a world with Internet BroadBand service as Google which can beat all other providers , much more than Google DNS, it can store every thing we visit,track and can access any information . It can decide which website to be viewed/accessed for the audience and what is not!    This is just a start, in the coming days, Internet is part of the daily activity. There will be day, only a device(monitor with touchpad and HD Graphics  like ipad) and Internet is enough to store all documents, music, videos,application, play HD Games online without any other devices but with a small monthly subscription by Big Companies (or even free , if it is from Google)

* Google want everything around us with their devices . Google mail account , Google Android, Google Chrome OS**, Google TV** , Google Internet **, what else ? does it look forward for Google hardware,Google G+ Certification too ? LOL

** Google OS, TV, Internet are upcoming service.

These are all my personal opinions . For now, Google DNS  banned from my PC . :)

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    • Simple, they wanna Rule the world. The want to beat the opponent and people against them like us with their hi-Tech stuff and innovation they provide.

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