Google Fast Flip and SSL Image Search

Google launched Fast Flip for Iphone/Ipod Touch and Android devices . This service lets you to view the latest articles from popular website to view them as Magazine.  This is published soon after the post released from the renowned website are captured into images and categorized , so that you can feel that you are viewing an online Magazine. If you click the Images , you will be redirect the original website. This is from GoogleLab.  From Iphone/Ipod devices or Android , Visit Google , Click even more , you will see FastFlip option.

To know more about Fast Flip, visit:

This is launched before 9 months. but still it is not used by many.

Today i have also found, You can search for Images in Google via SSL. I was searching in my Ipod Touch and found it. However it is still not available in standard version. If you wanna look at this SSL Mobile version , visit : (This does not look got from PC)

Added thrust: Have you heard of Free ISP from Google – Check it out:

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