[Req]Search Freshness?

We all know , Master Google is leading the Search Engine . Around 13 billion searches are done every month and more people prefer Google than others Search Engine. 60% Global Searches come from Google and rest from others.Google has worked out well with many updates in their Algorithm , now and then. They promise to produce the most relevant search results. One of the thing that always amazed me is that , Is it necessary to Index pages faster? Most of the people are lay man who looks for the information which are already available in the Web. Only least percentage of people, looking for information like Football results, Cricket scores :P etc go for this. Although at some point , Indexing is to be done at some point but not needed in few seconds. So do you think , Will Google Bot indexing faster is necessary one ? or another Innovation to show their Talent ?

Added Thrust :

Did you look at latest Time graphs in Google Search Results?

Google Search Time Graph

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