Will Google introduce Internet Security tool for PCs?

Google Employees is one of the Biggest people meeting with Viruses , malware , malicious code , security holes etc.   With the generation of lot of reports , they are the most ridiculous people to handle this matter. They are preparing the ideas that are suitable for the Future . They started working on desktop application since 2004(around) and marked a remarkable spread to the people through their famous products like Chrome, SketchUp, Picasa ,  Earth(acquired and developed extensively by them) , Chrome OS etc. In this case , the Big G may already have listed this as a Project along with Google ME . Long ago , Google had Joint Venture with Norton AV in Google Pack. Although now they have removed it. If the G Secure (Google Security Tool) comes in , the whole picture of the other AV/IS Competitor will eventually fall. Every time when Google develops a product  , i have seen the history as

  • First, they Praise and Congratulate the competitor
  • Fund/MoU with the Competitor Product
  • Create a Powerful product as like the Competitor and develop it.

Image Credit: Appleinsider

As most of the product is available for free , it may attract more people and help them go secured online .

What do you think?

You need it?

Will this Happen in coming future?

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