Google Wave

What is Google Wave ?

Google Wave is a new communication and collaboration platform based on hosted XML documents (called waves) supporting concurrent modifications and low-latency updates. Google Wave is an HTML 5 app, built on Google Web Toolkit.

Google wave has lot of features where you can communicate easily using Google wave. Most of the time mail and instant messaging are done sepeartely but Google wave makes communication in a single platform. You can watch what your friend is typing simultaneously in chat, which makes communication more faster.

Though it has been introduced some months ago, i found a link which is used to sign up for Google wave.
If you want to get an invitation , sign up here: Link

More info :


15 cool features:
Google Wave:

Full size:

Edit: If you need Invitation , comment to this post with your email id. I will send a invation . Hurry up. Only limited available.

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