Google working on HTML7

Yesterday , i was annoyed to see a tweet from Mattcutts. The actual tweet was ,


OH: “Didn’t you hear? We skipped HTML5 and 6 without telling you. We’re already working on HTML7!” #foocamp #foo

I searched for nearly 30 minutes in different search engine for HTML7 and couldn’t find what it is. First of what , we need to know , we are in HTML5 . In simple language, HTML5 , tried to make web browser to view the content like video, audio … , offline web application, geolocation , etc without any 3rd party application. To describe more about it, an INFOGRAPHICS can help be more understandable .



Image Credit:

So what is google doing with HTML7 ? The more important things are , what is HTML6 and HTML7 ? Why they are working on with HTML7 instead of HTML6?

My guess(although i am bad at guessing ) , will this have any connection in Google TV powered with Web ? or working with Web 3.0 which basically means , Internet being understandable language with other electronic appliance ?
[Update] Added Screenshot:

A Sample Video about HTML5 , Many other videos seemed to be more than 40 mins :(

You can also see HTML5 Vs Flash on Mind Blogging Videos page

? Comments and reviews are the vital elements in Web 2.0 , so pls do ?

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    • I searched like that also.. I searched for “HTML7” , “HTML 7” , cross checked with other SE .. but din get it..

  1. Google is really crazy in technology :) development. Between, the infographics is not in actual clear size. So try to link the one in high resolution.

    – Robin


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