Google's new Image search layout

Without any news from Google has rolled out for a new Image search result. The new design can adjust itself into a smaller with with other adjacent images . I would say new design was less impressive than the older one. The new better modification is that You don’t need to click the next page button , instead you can scroll to see more result. You can see the image result for upto 20 pages and click Scroll more result for checking further results.

I searched for the design, i came up with a blog , stating that the Image ads are also included in the result .Guide to  Image Ad .

The new design also had different view on landing page.

The worse thing that i could point out it is, there was some Adult image included in the result even though i had used SafeSearch – strict .

Will update with more info about this after Official news :)

Update 1: If  you are using older browser like IE 6 , you won’t experience this . You will still be using older design.

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