Grab 2 years of Justhost Premium hosting for cheap

Justhost is one of best web host I always recommend. It is not only as reliable as Hostgator but also have BIG advantage over Hostgator. They have higher CPU usage limits and does not suspend your account. This is welcoming note for many webmasters. They don’t like their potential customers to see “This website account has been suspended“. Isn’t it ?

So how to grab 2 years Premium web hosting for $32 with 3 Free domains ?

  • Go to Justhost , Change the Country as Singapore for time being.
  • Now click the web hosting tab at the top. Because by default, you will be opted for standard plan.
  • Click the sign up button under JustPlan Premium section

justhost premium sign up offer

  • Enter the domain name you wish to get and COUPON Code as 50OFF

justhost step two

  • Enter the personal information and choose the one year hosting plan. You could see the cost as 41.88 Singapore dollars which is approximately  32 USD.

This is because Justhost doesn’t handle currency conversions correctly (except UK pounds) and Singapore dollars is the cheapest way to pay :) That’s why we have chosen the country as Singapore at the beginning.

justhost currency conversionPlease remember to un-check Domain Privacy .

domain privacy

  • Complete the checkout and send a mail to to get 2 more free domains.

So how to extend hosting for another year ?

  • Enter the customer details,  proceed to Step 5 and you will see the following offer

  • Click “Keep my account and activate the extras“. Now you will be upgraded for another year of premium hosting , domain privacy and other service for free. Happy hosting.

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  1. After we have signed up, you say to send an email to What are we supposed to include in the email to get the 2 additional domain names.

    And how, after all is said and done, will this magically because a premium hosting account?


  2. Also, I didn’t get a discount to $32 when I used the Singapore country. Why.
    But the extras worked great when I went through the cancel process.

    • You will asked to pay Singapore $41.88. Then when log in to Paypal change the Currency to US $. It will show USD32
      Also you need to use 50OFF coupon


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