Hello world, again

I had been thinking to update this blog for few weeks(may be Months) and finally decided to pen down.  I will try to write daily covering on categories such as Technology, Start ups,  Blogging , vBulletin forum misc and whatever I feel. This is my blog :p

hellow world again
I am not a PRO . I simply like to share what I learn and what I intended to do in my life with the readers. Here are my action plan for next few weeks .

(The list doesn’t have any priority order)

  • To Read books – The Art of Community, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs
  • Meet people – Should go to Technical / Start up events in and around Chennai.
  • Learn JQuery in 30 day – Video tutorial available for *free*
  • Reduce few kilos. *sigh*
  • Go to local book store and buy looooooots of book. Going to be a Book Worm .. lol ;)
  • Meet people(yet again)
  • Keep this blog alive
  • Take my forum community to next level
  • Not to browse Facebook and email through mobile. I check fb,email every 30 minutes and spend another 30 minutes on reading status, LIKING whatever other people post , creative replies , reading mails.
  • Go out and meet (again)

In the past weeks, I read The Wal-Mart way,  The Game Changers and feel love in reading books. I would recommend you to check out them.
Hope everything goes well :)

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