[How to]Get Adsense approved

Many people are eagerly waiting for Google Adsense approval. Even when i started a blogspot , i wished it too. But whenever i had submitted  , it was declined  :(

Today i will share  one of method by which you can get approved for Adsense.  This is a legitimate way too.

Docstoc is online site to share documents just like Google Docs. It has a special program to get a new Legal Google Adsense account(or sign in using existing one) and helps you to get 50% revenue by displaying ads when visitors view the document .

Docstoc adsYou can see the ads being displayed when viewing document

  • Enter your correct information . ( Otherwise you may have trouble in getting cheque /check )
  • Wait for few days ( 2 or 3 days) , you will get the approval email from Google.

There is also a similar site IndyaRocks to get Google Adsense via Blog .

Please post your Testimonial if you get approved.

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  1. Nice share mate, i’ve tried but always rejected :( until my friend helped me to get adsense but not through docstoc, I signed up with one of my blog.


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