How to get custom facebook fanpage for your website/business

This post is about how to great a custom Facebook for your website or business such as . Every business , big or small firms wants to reach out to its customers and expand their revenue by serving better.  In today’s world, you can see many leading brands have landed to Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • The first step is to create a fan page by visiting this page.

facebook fan page

  • After creating , your page URL will look like this :

Have a look at my fan page.

hiswat fan page

The next step is to get minimum of 25 fans to your page. This is one of the method facebook adopted to stop spammers in creating fan pages.

check for fan page username

  • If the is available , then you will be prompted with confirmation dialogue box.

username available fanpage

  • After clicking Confirm button , you will get a message showing your business page .

Have a look at my fan page :

hiswat official fan page

Remember, you should not create business page which contains Trademark names without prior permission failing which can lead to account termination.

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  1. i got one error as “TechGopal is not eligible for a username at this time. In the future, TechGopal will be able to set a username. ”
    what should i do now?


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