[How to]Protect yourself | Remove uncessary application in facebook

This is a short tutorial on how to remove or block access spam applications on Facebook. Some sneaking application such as “Get your own @Facebook mail app” can make you vulnerable. So you need to get rid of them and keep them at bay !

  • Go to Privacy settings in Account Tab

facebook homepage privacy

  • Click Edit your setting for using applications, games and websites.
  • Edit application in facebookYou will see the list of application which are linked to your account. If you see any unwanted connections, click Edit application and then Remove app.

Remove Application in facebook

  • click Remove in the confirmation box. Now the application has been successfully removed from your account.

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  1. hi dude
    I came here after a long gap its preety nice stuff for all facebook user because now a facebook involved in very lead in internet and also ur new theme very beautiful ….

    • Yes. Now-a-days, I am also spending a lot of time in fb.
      About the design, it was little difficult to mess many codes. But at last it was good

  2. I have just authorized some new applications in my facebook account. Now i need to read them reviews, if i will feel incurious from them i will remove. Thanks for security tips.


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