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IEEE is a International non-profit organization of Engineers and for Engineers . IEEE was acronym for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It has been redefined to include other areas like Computer Science , IT sector etc.  The main goal of IEEE is to connect Engineers across the global to meet , collaborate and work for the better of the World. There are more than 395K members in the planet including Industry Professionalist .

As a IEEE member you will get an unlimited access to information via IEEE Xplore portal.

IEEE Xplore

As a Geek, i see 2,709,967 documents similar to Google which has now indexed more than trillion websites . I am sure the number of document will accelerate in years.

google in 2001

Recent news from IEEE ,Cloud Computing and IEEE , Fastest Helicopter in the Earth etc.

Heard of 802 standards ?

IEEE 802 corresponds  to Computer Networks Standards. There are over 23 groups in 802 standards.  Some of them are 802.3 – Ethernet , 802.11 – Wireless LAN. To know more about 802 standards , check Wiki IEEE 802

IEEE has been an active group in designing Tomorrow’s world. As a member of IEEE, you will get Spectrum Magazine which covers the experiments in various field.

You can get free IEEE email alias . means more than .

Check more about Jobs , Publications , Conference

Top 5 reasons to  join IEEE?

  • You will have an opportunity going to other college , institutions , meeting with people, presenting papers and work with them .
  • You can attend conferences held by Industry professionals at many Universities every month.
  • IT industry CEOs and leaders are also member of IEEE, so you will have a chance to meet them with your ideas.
  • In interviews, you will get  recognition .
  • Access to many research papers from IEEE website and also to MSDNAA to download genuine microsoft products .


Currently, entries for IEEE Xtreme Programming competition is open. People across the world can participate.


some of the rules are

  • Contestant should be a IEEE member
  • Registration should be done before October 9
  • Teams with maximum of 3 members is allowed

For more info : Visit

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