[IG] – A battle between two World

Google and facebook are two big Internet portal. The site which Googlers may worry is Facebook. Because it has the more page views and people try to spend more time in Facebook . That makes them so powerful. Here is a short Infographics story about the growth of  two companies.


A recent post from TechCrunch says,

In fact, I have been mulling over data from both companies, and I?m ready to declare in public my belief that Facebook will be bigger in five years than Google is right now, barring some drastic action or accident. Futhermore, Facebook will grow without needing to cut into Google?s core business of text ads, which are still 99% of Google?s profits. Even if every single Facebook user performs just as many searches with Google as ever?including Google Instant, mobile search, and YouTube?Facebook will inexorably grow as big as Google is today and maybe bigger, because Madison Avenue?s brands are less interested in targeting than they are in broadcasting to vast mother-loving buckets of demographically correct eyeballs, and Facebook has become the perfect platform for that.

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