Google Monopoly visualized

Google monopoly is always a HOT topic to be discussed. with over 80 acquisitions, the company is  growing. People has refined the language in saying Just Google it instead of Search it. Let us have look at some facts visually.


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  1. Interesting points and i almost agree on everything.

    But we can’t deny that Google is the big G at the moment :)

    And i love the features of it, such as Gmail, which is free email service with less spams comparing to others.

    And yes, of course YouTube too, those are my fav!

  2. Dear friend, your site is always show the blank page when I click on your post link. I must refresh to view continue!

    • Sorry for that dude. My web host has made a small upgrade in the Server OS. due to which this problem exist. I’m planning to move to a New hosting company in a week. :)

  3. Hope it will be better after moved to new hosting. Hostgator is my trusted hosting and maybe yours if you host your site on Hostgator.

  4. Hey man you are right that people are now refined their language I heard many people saying Google it..but I was much surprised when I hear same words in the movie Twilight.Edwards says bella just Google it. :)


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