IN:Get free GPRS

Airtel , India’s one of the largest Telecom industry providing Landline, Mobile, Internet services across the country with great offers. It is likely to release Special offers now and then for its users. You can get extra Talktime on Top ups, special 5add on packs, etc. Today , i got a message from my Friend that you can get Free GPRS service for 2 months . This is applicable only to NOKIA GPRS enabled handset. You can download upto 2GB/month– Totally 4GB Free. To get this service, send “Data” (without quotes) to 543210(Toll free) . You will receive a confirmation message that the service will be activated within 24 hours. Sooner after 24 hours ,  you can surf from your Mobile phone.  So why are you waiting for? Send a message soon.

Note: I had also tried to send message from Sony Ericsson , i received the confirmation message. I will update if it works on other handset too.

I am not sure whether it will works in all parts of the country . I am Airtel subscriber from Tamil Nadu and i got 2 month free subscription.

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