Anti Virus and Internet Security

Many have their own thoughts about Best or Good Anti Virus(AV) and Internet Security(IS) software . There are many factors such as Detection level, Computer slow down especially Boot up, False detection, Update error etc. There are both Positive and negative side of each company’s product. If are planning to purchase one , here are the Tips:

* Buy Internet Security . Antivirus and Internet Security are relatively different. IS essentially protect from Phishing attack, protects you online information like Credit Card .

* Use Firewall software like Symantec Endpoint Protection which includes services such as  firewall and Generic Exploit Blocking (GEB) . This is essentially required for Server and Workstation machine. However you can use it to avoid DOS attack launched in your computer by Botnet and prevent sending Spam mails to all contacts in your email account.

* Update your Security software regularly . Remember there is always malicious software emerging everyday.

* If you have a network for your small business, implement UTM ( Unified Threat Management ) . This plays one of the Key role in business and other organization protecting any damage to the Network. This includes network and content  firewalling, Network intrusion prevention and gateway antivirus  and  anti-spam, providing secure VPN service etc.

As i said earlier their are many leading Security software in the Market. Some of the software i recommend are Kaspersky , Norton , AVG Internet (not the free one) , Microsoft Security Essential (I have that , it rocks  ) . I check out K7 from my friends laptop. He had  4 GB RAM good processor speed along with other latest config. but the Start up time was 4 minutes. He said the K7 AV is slowing down the boot up time. I also bring a poll result about their favorite AV/IS in which various people across the world took part,

Poll about the latest Anti virus and Internet security

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