know everything about your PC/laptop using Speccy

Today computer finds its use in every field. Most of them use it but there are people who are unaware of their own system configuration. Speccy is an awesome free tool for these non – geekers to know completely about their PC/laptop. It is one of the product  from Piriform . You may also have used CCleaner which is from Piriform.

Why you should try it ?

Speccy has simple installation steps . It is easy to use and compatible with all the versions of Windows OS . There is also portable version of this software. You will get a detailed information  of your PC/laptop including

  • Operating system
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Motherboard
  • Hard disk
  • Graphic card

 speccy viewA screen shot of my PC configuration ( a pretty old PC )

You can click the required section on the left panel to see the corresponding details .

In addition , you can know the average temperature of each component. This is critical because if the temperature inside the CPU increases , your computer may even burst.

Another extra-ordinary feature is that you could see your network information. You don’t need to visit websites like to see your IP address .

speccy 2 latestThe speccy software itself uses only little CPU usage memory which is yet another great feature of this.

External link : Download speccy

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  1. I checked out .. MAC address is not displayed ! lol
    Btw, if you want to check it, go to command prompt and type “ipconfig/all”

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