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This is a case study which took some months to conclude some information about people attitude.

social-networking-imagesIn Today era , people stay in the home & know what all the things that happen around the world and social networking has become one of the people way to stay connected. Most of the relation start here in the Internet . Whether it ends up in love, lifelong friend  or life being ruined . In facebook , an average user’s has  130 friends and spend about 700 billion per month on facebook. I always wondered “How many of them in the list are Real world friends ?” …  So here comes the way for strangers and hackers to get listed in to your people. Regardless of the hazards, i am sharing this case study with you so that you can make people accept you as friend.

Two months ago ( before the “No Facebook for 30 days challenge”) , i tried to add a people, a business entrepreneur but he rejected and i could see that there was less than 50 friends in the list. That made me realize that he does not accept all . So i tried to give request most of the people in the friend list . In 10 days, only 6 people had accepted me as a friend. I knew the Entrepreneur would have remembered my Profile name and information while declining the request, so requesting as a friend would be a waste of time again. I tried to give a quick break  – The time passed away  . When i went back to facebook after 30 day challenge, i was surprised to see most of the people – more than 75% has accepted the friend request. Lately I changed my profile picture and i  sent a friend request to the Entrepreneur guy, in days he had accepted .

The reason behind this Most of the people who are accepting as a friend will see  How many people are available in Mutual friend list and people remember Images than words  . This is the psychology of the people.

So if you are giving a friend request to strangers [especially girls ] , there is more chance that it will be Ignored . If you are still interested to make a relation with them , go to their profile, view their friends list and Add them as a friend. After few acceptance , you can send a Request to the girl again.

Many of the people are aware of security reason , yet people fall on this kinda traps.  You should know whom you are adding as friend. It will be better.

Did you read some of the ways to secure your facebook account ?

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