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McAfee report
Oscar winners will be nominated soon and there are many people who searches online to know the current Oscar nominees result. Hackers have also set many pits to users. McAfee ,one of the leading Internet security Company have posted in their Facebook , most of the webpages in the search result contains Virus, Spyware, Malwares .
According to the report,

McAfee found that searching on Sandra Bullock and Penelope Cruz resulted in over a 1 in 4 chance of landing on a website that?s tested positive for online threats

Users are advised to use “SiteAdvisor” which you can download from or for free and you can also buy Advanced Protection 1 year subscription for about 24.99$(USD)

However , i use AVG SafeSearch and searched for the result with same keywords , it displayed “No Threats in the Search result” .
McAfee Result in Facebook page:
McAfee Result
My Search Result:
My Result with AVG

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