Megavideo Hack | Watch videos without Limitation

MegavideoMany of my friends had been asking , how to watch Megavideo by bypassing time limitation. Although I don’t use Megavideo for years, I am sharing for my friends and beloved followers.

The first method is a traditional way.

After watching the first video, you will be prompted with Time limit (such as 54 mins) in the next video. Then follow these steps.

Step 1: Clear Megavideo cookies.

Cookies are files that contain information about your session in the local computer. This can transmit to and fro your information to the corresponding website/server.

In Firefox, you can block the Megavideo cookies by going to

Tools —> Page Info —> Permission Tab

In the Set cookies section, uncheck Use Default and select  Block .

block cookies in  firefox

While in Google Chrome , Go to settings , switch to Under the Hood Tab and click Content setting in Privacy section. Block the Megavideo cookies. See the image below for detailed info.

chrome privacy

block the cookies

If you find it difficult to block cookies , you can clear Browser History. Remember this could delete cookies for other website too.

Step 2 : Disconnect your modem and reconnect after few seconds (10 to 15 seconds). This is because most of the us use Dynamic IP and every time you reconnect your modem, it assigns a new IP address.  Now you can stream another video without any limitation.

Remember this method cannot work with Static IPs which are mainly incorporated in companies.

Method 2:

Use greasemonkey script to download videos directly in your computer. You need to have

Chrome users can download the userscript without downloading the Add-on.

Now when you visit new video , you have an option to download the video.

download megavideo

Method 3: Use Web service :

There are many website that provide tools to download Megavideo files. One such website is . Just copy the Megavideo link such as “” and paste in KeepVid website.  Click the type of file you want to download.

keepvid video download

In addition to these methods, you can also use KeepTube Firefox extension ( Link : )  to download.

While making this post, I was watching an interesting MegaVideo which I have embedded below. You can spend some time in watching it :)

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