MMO: LLL domains

Today Domain names are hot place for Money making Online like the real estate business. People understand the potential of earning $XX,XXX by spending $10 in no time. Yesterday after seeing a thread in one of the popular forums , I thought to register a 3 letter .com domain.

Digital point LLL domain sale

I searched for a list of 3 letter word from this website , there was around 972 words. After 2 hours of manual search , i found there wasn’t even one .com domain unregistered. Still i am searching for new combination of 3 letters.

This is because people know  3 letter  with .com TLD  are easy to remember. If you are looking to Bid/buy this domain, you need to know there is no way SEO is related to this kind of Premium domains. In the upcoming weeks, i will pen down how to register a Premium domain. So stay tuned !

Don’t know what is a Sample Premium domain price ? see some sample price at SEDO and Godaddy.

Godaddy LLL domain sale aution

P.S: LLL means Letter-Letter-Letter and CCC – Character-Character-Character.

If you have a Premium Keyword name in your mind, why not register soon at Namecheap .

Update: After searching for all combination including number, there is no domain unregistered – Shocking ! :(

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  1. Actually Internet is became very popular now a days that why the demand in the Domain name so some guys were doing as a bussiness of selling domains ..


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