Opting out from Google ads Interest

Whenever you surf the web, Google collects your information. Analytics and Adsense are the one which collects as much as data. With these information , they intend to provide a better way to serve to their business partners and potential advertisers.  Whenever you run search, surf website/blog, watch YouTube videos…  a piece of information is stored in cookies to display the relevant ads to the current web pages and ads related to the category you have searched for previously. You can see a list of interest based Ad category by visiting ,  http://www.google.com/ads/preferences/ .

You can either Add Interests Or Remove the necessary category. You can also click Opt out button to disable it.

Remember, if you clear your Browser cookies, you will be assigned with new ad types and interest in the next time when you surf. To Opt out permanently, you can install a Plugin “ Advertising cookie opt-out Plugin”  provided by Google.

This isn’t stopping here, what about information being shared with advertising company?  Sure, there is a solution for it too . :)

Go to http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp and check the Opt Out box for the Advertising company and click Submit button.

Here is a video that can guide you !

Remember you will see the advertisement like before. The only thing is that you are preventing the Advertising companies to track you.

Feel free to watch some video I like:  http://hiswat.info/mind-boggling-videos/

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  1. I am using adsense for almost three years but dont know about this particular feature of adsense..thanks for making us aware..


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