PayPal issue to India

From the beginning of this month , PayPal had stopped all its Personal Transaction to and from Indian PayPal users and Withdrawal to Indian Banks. This has made millions of people who is working online in overseas companies. The situation made by Paypal had made them a fatal one. There are hundreds of post on Internet Forum , calls to Paypal, email etc.
After a week of this issue, PayPal had allowed Personal Payments from 8th feb,2010. But many forums like Techcrunch , thepaypalblog had written that the personal payments will not be available for few month. Actually i had got a personal payment from my friend on 8th itself. I don’y know,In what sense they have posted. The thing is that the withdrawal to Indian Bank is suspended and the money has been returned back to their paypal account. By this they has lost a part of money in Currency Conversion , USD to INR(while requesting withdrawal) and then INR to USD(while the amount returned back to their Paypal account) :(

Please make a note that only Personal payments are restricted and reversed. Payments for Goods , service can be sent by following procedure.
(a) click the Send Money tab, and

(b) select ?purchase.?

Also the Premier and Business Paypal account are unaffected from this issue. but both these account involve high fees.

Update on February 10: Paypal had told that Withdrawal can be done with in few days from now.

If you have any question , contact support by clicking this link: PayPal Support

Also beware of the fake emails. Email may tell that “You can claim your Reversed Payments”

Update: The personal payments which are Sent by Other country users can only received. You cannot send personal payments which will be restored after few months.

Update on 28 th July,2010 : Latest info about Withdrawal to Bank accounts

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  1. It is useful to try everything in practice anyway and I like that here it’s always possible to find something new. :)

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