PayPal withdrawal back

In the baginning of Feb, all the withdrawal from Paypal to Indian Bank was suspended and outgoing Personal payments were stopped for Indian PayPal users.More info
Nearly after a month, this issue is going to be resolved. Farhad irani, Leader of Paypal business in Asia Pacific, annonunced on the ThePaypalBlog , the withdrawal from PayPal to Indian Banks will be available from March 3. The new thing is while you are request a withdrawal to your Bank, you need to fill “Export Code” . About it , Farhad irani says , “This information is required under the current laws of India in order to identify the nature of cross-border merchant transactions. On Monday, March 1st, we will be back in touch with specific instructions on how you can move your money into your bank account.”
However PayPal personal payments will be suspended till the Paypal gets the approval which is reqiured for RBI.

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