Plugin-container.exe , a virus ?

Today , when i looked in Windows  Task Manager , i was shocked to see a new task – Plugin-container.exe . Today a sometime ago , i had a loss of internet connection for about 5 minutes. You could think what would i have been going in my mind. I was thinking , OMG, did some hacker got into my PC. Usually hackers are pretty Intelligent who keeps this kinda Process name so that it is not noticed by normal users. I checked it in many forums , some of them had post that , it is a Malware .

Finally i got into a Mozilla website and found the answer from Support Team . The plugin-container.exe released from the Firefox version 3.6.4 is used in Windows and Linux system to isolate third party software like Flash (Adobe) , Quicktime (Apple ), Silverlight (Microsoft) from Main browser. It does not make you to restart your browser and  Tabs . Instead you need to reload only the current tabs for which the plugin crashed. Also they made this feature after seeing it in Google Chrome. I din like this at all. I have faced this problem many times in this week. Usually i open videos which plays for 1 hour and allow it to stream for half an hour or so about SEO from Commission Blueprint and Maverick Money Makers, later when i come to see the video, it would say, the plugin has been crashed. Please reload the Tab. what to do ?

I don’t use Google Chrome as a Anti Google activity :P and I love Mozilla Firefox

Update :

Looking to disable plugin-container.exe ?

Check this post : Disable Plugin-container.exe in Firefox

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  1. I have had nothing but problems lately with firefox…. I am going to downgrade to 3.0. All of my videos crash and the browser is running slow and hogging all of my system resources.

  2. The on-line class is using Adobe Connect. Last night was the first session. During the class, I found that chat typing was excruciatingly slow. If I were to enter in these three lines, it would have taken about 3 minutes just to show on the screen.

    When I checked the task manager, it showed that Plugin-Container.exe was eating up 98% of the CPU time. Here is the interesting part: At times, the instructor’s system would crash and the CPU time went to almost 0. We, as students could still communicate with each other both in voice and chat. This meant that we were still linked to Connect on the school server but when the instructor was connected my system practically stopped.

    I have another class on Tuesday, July 20 and would like to get this going. My system is using Firefox 5.0 and Adobe Reader X is the 10.1 version.


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